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Big Dog Pee Pants Leak-proof Physiological Pants

Big Dog Pee Pants Leak-proof Physiological Pants

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Medium and large dogs special physiological pants, Velcro unified use of 3.8cm pure nylon Velcro (the current market adhesive strong, long service life, can machine wash more than 30 times a high-grade Velcro, rather than 2cm narrow ordinary single strip) appearance is more beautiful, The face cloth is made of 100% waterproof fabric, but the fabric feels very soft and close. The inner cloth is made of permeable and absorbent fabric, which solves the problems of side leakage and dripping practically. We will constantly strive to improve the product, make its performance better more durable more suitable for all kinds of medium and large dogs!

Product Information:
Material: Breathable cotton, absorbent cotton, waterproof cloth

(CM) waist
XS 20-35
S 30-45
M 40-55
L 48-65
XL 60-82

Packing list:
Diaper *1

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