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Pet Walking Dog Wheelchair Scooter

Pet Walking Dog Wheelchair Scooter

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Product information:

Item No.: CJC01 gray, CJC02 brown
Applicable object: Dog
Color: CJC01 gray, CJC02 brown
Key words: pet disability car, dog wheelchair, dog disability scooter

Product size: unit (CM): body width 12-20 (adjustable) body length 25-40 (adjustable) body height 19-30 (adjustable) refer to bust 24-40, suitable for pets weighing 4-9KG.

Product description:
The utility model discloses an auxiliary vehicle for pet walking, which includes a traction rope hook, a rear collar protector, a collar fixer, a front collar protector, a carrying handle, a side bar, a body length adjustment knob, a height adjustment knob, and a height scale Rod, two wheel bodies, fixed frame, body width adjustment plate, two width adjustment knobs, two heel guard bars, two heel connection belts, body width adjustment plate is fixed to the rear of the fixing frame, body width adjustment plate is provided There is a width adjustment groove, two width adjustment knobs are slidably installed in the width adjustment groove, the width adjustment knob and the heel guard are connected by a heel connection belt, and the two wheel bodies are respectively rotatably installed on the opposite sides of the fixing frame. The position of the side bar and the height scale bar relative to the fixed frame can be adjusted by the length adjustment knob and the height adjustment knob, which can be suitable for pets of different body types, with high applicability and convenient observation of the adjusted height. It can be manually adjusted by humans and has high flexibility.

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