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Pumpkin-shaped Flea Trap Household Sticker

Pumpkin-shaped Flea Trap Household Sticker

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Product information:

Item No.: SK111 single sticker
Mosquito and insect repellent species: insect repellent
Appearance: Fruit
Packing type: boxed
Toxicity: suitable for fleas
Safe pest control: 100% non-toxic and effective flea control solution.
Five in a pack: This pack includes 5 plastic trays, which can be used to install other brand products.
Humans: The absence of chemicals means that the device can be used safely around children and pets.
Long service life: The disc can be stored for up to 12 months and can be used anytime when needed. Can be applied to other brands of equipment
Material: self-adhesive

Packing list:

Flea Sticker*5

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